View Full Version : [ubuntu] Strange sound output

January 6th, 2013, 08:27 PM
I have some very weird stuff going on with my audio output.

I have a Asrock P43DE motherboard, link below.

I also have an msi Radeon Hd 7550 graphicscard.

I can get sound in my headphones in both the frontpanel on the chassis as well as the rear line out.
BIT, if I attach an RCA cable from the same outputs and attach my LCD tv I get no sound. I can switch between the 3.5 mm connector in my headphones and get sound and back to the tv and no sound.

Now you say that the problem is with the tv but I have a dual boot. If a boot in windows 7 I get sound in the tv as well as my headphones both in the frontpanel and the rear line out.

HOW is this possible?

How can I get sound in my headphones but not in the tv in ubuntu when everything is ok in windows 7?