View Full Version : [other] Building a computer -- SSD questions

January 3rd, 2013, 12:14 PM
Apologies if I posted to the wrong section.

I was wondering -- most SSDs don't come with 3.5" adapters and SATA cables. Are these absolutely required (especially the 3.5" adapter), or just for the looks?

January 3rd, 2013, 05:46 PM
The adapter is mostly used to make the SSD fit into a 3.5" bay, since ssd's typically are smaller than that, namely 2.5". Regarding sata cables, well they work similar to regular harddrives, so there's no difference there, if it works on your rotating disk drive, it will also work on the ssd :)

January 3rd, 2013, 06:17 PM
You can buy the 3.5" bay adapters for next to nothing. A lot of places throw them in for free. You definitely need one to secure it in your case, unless your case has a special SSD slot.

You definitely need a SATA cable. Without one, you wont be able to plug your SSD into your motherboard. You can buy them for a dollar or two.