View Full Version : which GUI tool to use for an embedded system?

January 3rd, 2013, 10:36 AM

New year wishes to everyone!

I have to design a GUI for an embedded system application. I should be able to control the system via the GUI (start, stop and specify other parameters as needed) and also display the output from the system to an end user.

I already have my client and server programs written in C (socket programming) and can control some inputs and get data from the system on the command line. The client program runs on an ubuntu operating system and the server program is on the embedded system. The next step for me is to develop a GUI for the client side of the program. I wil be developing the GUI on ubuntu now, but I would prefer to use a tool which works across platforms (in case we have to port it to a windows machine later on). The GUI should also be able to display some graphs of the output data. An open source tool would be preferable to avoid licensing issues (I would need approval otherwise).

Also, I have another basic question about GUI design. Since I already have the basic programs running(client and server), I assume that I only have to develop the front-end (not even sure if I am using the right word here) of the GUI that will communicate with the client program to give the needed commands (what I am trying to say is that, on the press of a button on the GUI, the same command that I type on the command line has to be given to the client programming by the GUI). Is this assumption right? Or will I need to re-write the entire client side code in the GUI language that I choose?

I have never designed a GUI before and have been looking online for the tools available. But , I am not able to narrow down on which one to use for my specific needs. My guide suggested Mayavi python, but has also given me the option to explore. I would be very grateful to receive inputs form experienced members in this forum.

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