View Full Version : [all variants] grub (hdn,m) notation for software raid

December 19th, 2012, 06:30 AM
I'm trying to install grub on a seperate partition that doesn't overwrite the Windows boot manager. The catch is that I'm using software raid and don't understand how the grub notation carries over.

Below is my partition layout from the debian installer. I used an LVM called AD. I want to put Grub2 on the 512 MB partition number 5. How do I tell grub2 that using the grub notation (hdn,m).

debian Partition disks window

Configure Encrypted volumes

LVM VG AD, LV home - 5.2 GB Linux device-mapper (linear)

> #1 5.2 GB ext3

LVM VG AD, LV home - 10.0 GB Linux device-mapper (linear)

> #1 10.0 GB ext3
Serial ATA RAID isw_diidgiggif_Volume0(stripe) - 256.1 GB Linux device-mapper (striped)

> #5 logical 511.7 MB ext3
> #6 logical 17.2 GB K lvm
> #1 primary 104.9 MB B ntfs
> #2 primary 120.9 GB ntfs
> primary 117.3 GB FREE SPACE

Serial ATA RAID isw_diidgiggif_Volume0p1(partition #p1) - 104.9 MB Linux device-mapper (linear)

> #1 104.9 MB ntfs

Serial ATA RAID isw_diidgiggif_Volume0p2(partition #p2) - 120.9 GB Linux device-mapper (linear)

> #1 104.9 MB ntfs

Serial ATA RAID isw_diidgiggif_Volume0p3(partition #p3) - 17.7 GB Linux device-mapper (linear)

> #1 primary 511.7 MB ext3
> #5 logical 17.2 GB K lvm

Serial ATA RAID isw_diidgiggif_Volume0p5(partition #p5) - 511.7 MB Linux device-mapper (linear)

> #1 511.7 MB ext3
Serial ATA RAID isw_diidgiggif_Volumep6(partition #p6) - 17.2 GB Linux device-mapper (linear)

Undo changes to partitions
Finish partitioning and write changes to disk


Thanks a lot for any help, I've been stuck on this for days.