View Full Version : [lubuntu] trouble installing on mac mini g4

December 17th, 2012, 11:23 AM
I'm trying to install lubuntu on my mac mini 1.4ghz g4 with 512mb ram. I've ran kubuntu quite well on this machine many years ago. The live cd boots up fine but only in 256 colors it looks like (no video drivers?). Desktop works completely fine. Internet and all the applications work fine. I'm currently typing this from firefox within the lubuntu live cd...

But when I try to open the installer I just get an empty window. Just the frame. I can see the desktop through it, and thats all. Nothing else loads. Is there a terminal command I can use or something.?A way to bypass the live part of the cd and boot right to the installer? I already tried the video-only or whatever live boot option from yaboot and got errors after the splash screen.

Can anybpdy help me? I apologize for not knowing what I'm talking about.