View Full Version : [ubuntu] can I move desktop icon to another xsession?

December 16th, 2012, 10:44 PM
How can I easily move desktop icons between xsessions?

I run dual monitors (separate Xsessions). Meaning I can seamlessly move my mouse between both monitors, but applications are launched in either one or the other... I can't drag anything from screen0 to screen1. And that's my problem.

Currently, if want to move an icon from screen0 to screen1, I open a window in screen1 and browse to my desktop folder... then I just drag the icon from my opened desktop folder to my actual screen1 desktop... done. But that only works for icons, what about mounted USB drives? How do I move them?

It seems there should be an easier way for ANY desktop object... like an addon that would allow a right-click to 'move to screen(x)'.

Similar to the way I launch Remmina on my second screen... "DISPLAY=:0.1 Remmina"

Is there an easy way or tool to move icons between xsessions?