View Full Version : [edubuntu] disable gnome panel menu edits in 12.04 LTS

December 16th, 2012, 05:41 AM
Been using Ubuntu for five years, now struggling with a set-up of Edubuntu 12.04 with Gnome (installed from the iso). Able to create a limited user and group and link it to an edited menu from within Edubuntu menu editor and profile manager. Objective is a student log-in without as many options.

When I log in as the student, the menu drops down from "Applications" on the Gnome panel as expected. However, if I right click on that portion of the panel (top left) I get a "Edit Menus" option that lets me put all the removed applications back in the menu. This is a persistent change if I log out and then back in as the student.

I assume that this is a Gnome option separate from the Edubuntu set-up? I can't for the life of me determine how to disable menu edits there. For that matter I'd just as soon the student not have "Places" as an option either. Even if removed he/she could just alt-rightclick and get all sorts of stuff.

I guess I could switch to Unity? But yuck.

I must say, beyond multiple installation documentation links, there isn't a lot of info on Edubuntu configuration after installing.

December 16th, 2012, 07:02 AM
In "Gnome Classic", Alacarte is the package that your bringing up when you right click (edit menu).


December 16th, 2012, 07:32 PM
Thank you! Will attempt removal and see what happens.

Frogs Hair
December 17th, 2012, 01:43 AM
Alacarte is included with the Gnome Fallback and Shell. Unity will display all installed applications.The main/edit menu application does not allow for the changing contents in Unity dash. Removing alacarte in Gnome may remove the ability to exclude contents.

February 6th, 2013, 03:27 PM
Much easier with XFCE.