View Full Version : [ubuntu] i can't view my site on my local machine!

December 7th, 2012, 02:50 AM
i'm having problem viewing my site on the browser(its blank) after tranfer the whole folders and .php files using filezilla into a LAMP server (ubuntu 10.04) server, but the site ran on my xampp server. After thorough check, i found out that all my .php files are in a lock mode in folders in my /var/www and i used sudo chmod 777 /var/www/ to change mode the folders and the .php and .jpeg file, only to find out that the .php files in each the folders are still locked.

i'm need help on how to view my site on the browser, it my first time using a LAMP server (Ubuntu)... its for my web server engineering demonstration on Monday, its very urgent pls. HELP!