View Full Version : php framework suggestion?

December 6th, 2012, 11:32 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for advice as to what php framework I should try for my website.

At the moment, I would consider myself a notch above a beginner in the php language.
I am drawing this conclusion because I am trying to learn how to paginate and am in a bit of struggle. So, knowing I can
use various superglobals and send and obtain information from one page to another, I can at least
do some coding with PHP.

I want to complete pagination on my business website (the site is new and the business is too) and I
have to hurry quick to start my business. Learning pagination isn't a priority as I am trying to start my business.

Knowing that, is there a php framework that may be better than others to install and utilize a pagination class/code?

I have looked at codeignitor, cakephp, and yii. I can't seem to choose between the three of them. I have seen many others, but have
narrowed down my search to these three.

Above all, I want at lease decent page loading (don't want framework to slow this too much), and one that has a fairly
easy syntax to learn to add a pagination to my site.

Which one would you try first?