View Full Version : [ubuntu] Trying to dual-boot Win7 and Ubuntu 12.10 failed & lost access to my DVD player

November 23rd, 2012, 06:43 AM
I have a strange one. I was trying to dual boot a Win7 PC with Ubuntu 12.10.

I had just re-installed Win7 on a freshly partitioned HDD. I setup 3 primary partitions: Part. 1 (159.9 GB) is for Win7; part. 2 is a raw 160GB partition (for Ubuntu); part. 3 is a 600+ GB partition for shared data, it is an NTFS partition.

I inserted a Ubunto LiveCD and chose to install. I went thru the steps till I got to the part asking me where to install. It did not have a choice for installing alongside, only "In Windows 7" and 2 other options not applicable. That was the first problem. I chose to install "in" Win 7 to see what would happen. The DVD was ejected and a reboot was done. I thought the Ubuntu install was going to start but nope, Windows booted. Now I cannot access the DVD player. I get: "An error occurred while ejecting 'DVD RW Drive F:'"

Anyone seen this happen or know of a way to fix the DVD issue?


November 23rd, 2012, 06:52 AM
I don't know how to solve your problem buddy. But i do want say say this: When you install Ubuntu inside of W7 it installs it like a normal application. For easy installation and uninstallation.

November 23rd, 2012, 06:56 AM
Thanks for the response. I was rebooting and couldn't get the DVD to respond so I shut it down and powered back up and can access the DVD now. Still don't know why I didn't have the option to "Install alongside". I remembered seeing a screen capture that showed that option.