View Full Version : [ubuntu] B oot results in stalled/failed graphics capabilabies at start up (EXACTLY HALF)

November 23rd, 2012, 03:30 AM
I'm loving my ubuntu installation and the terminal commands - i've been on windows for so long that it gets boring not being able to upgrade it to my needs. But Since upgrading to linux I'm having problems starting my PC.

Mainly, there is an instance where each and exactly every time I start the computer I run into a black screen; this happens after it reaches the ubuntu unity "purple" type screen. After going black, it does not move forward and bring me to the gnome shell I've implemented.

Upon a restart (EACH AND EVERY OTHER TIME) it will bring up ubuntu as being ready to start from a check in multiple styles. And if I choose Ubuntu....It will run normally. If I run the dish check option if finds about 5 million errors in my SDRAM before I get sick of it trying.

But it will run normally, (exactly every other time I restart or start the PC).

I am honestly loving ubuntu and would like to learn more about it with your advice.


ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
4Gb of Ram - 240 pin 800 mhz dual input DDR2
AMD Phenom X4 Processor 9100e - Quad Core (possibly with ecc but it is not enabled).