View Full Version : [ubuntu] Small Probs Upgrading

PJs Ronin
November 22nd, 2012, 05:38 AM

Have tried a search of the forums but not having much luck. In essence, I've upgraded my desktop computer, moveed from 12.04lts to 12.10 and from 32bit to 64bit so I'm in the process of rebuilding pretty well everything. One of the first issues I'm having is that in system monitor I can only see my processes, no system processes. I've done some googling and the nearest I come is to select 'view' and choose 'all users" but I don't have that option... no 'view' tab/option.

If I 'sudo gnome-system-monitor" from terminal I can then see all processes, but surely there must be a way of doing this from the user perspective as well.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong but this smallish issue is grinding me down so any help would be appreciated.