View Full Version : Open Source donation drive: November

weasel fierce
November 15th, 2012, 03:52 AM
I thought this might be a nice thing to do, and hopefully repeat each month.
Here's the deal: Find one or more open source projects you use, enjoy or have hopes for.
Pledge a donation to the development of the project (or support in other ways, are you writing code, sending bug reports etc?).

And well, that's it. I suppose there's a bit of showing off, but the end goal is to hopefully drive some donations to important open source projects, as well as increase awareness of projects out there.
If people don't think it's lame, we can repeat it each month.

While we're propably all Linux types here, I don't suppose they have to be related. If there's other open source projects out there, do share.
Donations to the EFF, Wikipedia and similar resources would be fine too.

Lastly, don't feel it has to be a huge amount. 20 people donating 5 dollars is better than 1 person donating 50 :)

To kick things off, once I get paid this week, I am looking to donate 20 bucks to KDE, since I have completely fallen in love with the desktop environment over the past year or so, and I'd love for it to keep growing better and better.

What are you in for?