View Full Version : Which are More Reliable Flash Drives or SD Cards?

November 2nd, 2012, 03:33 PM
I have a netbook that I constantly like to try out new distros on. Well anyway I used to have a bunch of flash drives and lost them. I now only have one which i keep gparted live and crunchbang live cd on just in case i need to do some kind of recovery. So I want to get something else for keeping an arch live cd on for repairing my system if heaven forbid it ever comes to that. I had tried installing it last time off of a pretty much brand new sd card but got some kind of corrupt fs error when installing so had to use the micro sd card out of my android phone. So what I want to know is what is more rugged a sd card or a flash drive. Looking for something that can handle a bunch of formatting and dding of iso images too and not break on me.