View Full Version : busybox, cmus, vim, alpine mail, lynx and weechat on phone?

November 1st, 2012, 08:27 PM
I am interested in getting some sort of Linux running (in lieu of an Ubuntu phone :) ) on a mobile/smart phone, so that I can run some of my favorite cli apps. There are two alternatives as I see it:

1) I have a Nokia N9, but haven't been able to find any packages (for cmus, vim, alpine mail, lynx and weechat) for the MeeGo Harmattan system.
2) Purchase an Android smart phone (mid range price) and try to get Ubuntu for Android, or Linux on Android installed. The problem with this solution is that it seems Linux is run from an image and I am not sure that config files and e-mail attachments can be saved. I assume that Linux based apps can access the Internet via the VNC connection that is needed, with this configuration?

Any ideas or Android smart phone suggestions for running Linux would be appreciated.