View Full Version : [all variants] installing fresh using fakeraid

November 1st, 2012, 06:56 AM
I have a new shiny HP laptop with what some good hardware (core i7, 8Gram, 2 HDs each 1TB in size, nvidia gpu 2Gigs).

Now the problem is this: I really want this to be a linux only laptop -- not 100% stuck on ubuntu or any other distro but lets do ubuntu for now.
I want to create a stripe raid on the two drives and treat them as on...
obviously the bios is crap. only has two options or so. no raid anything configuration.

So.... I need to create software raid (fakeraid) during install obviously but i am not sure how to at this time ...basically combine the two 1TB hds in the laptop to be RAID0 and try to get a speed boost off of that. i dont care about losing data in the event one dies. big whoop!
most live boot cd's dont give you that option during install ... and i see the alternate cd has been scratched from 12.10.

please advise.