View Full Version : Roll Call in Northern NM

October 25th, 2012, 09:59 PM
Posting up in Northern New Mexico... Radio Check... Calling Ubuntu Users...

February 21st, 2013, 04:42 PM
Unfortunately I am down south in ABQ.

December 2nd, 2013, 09:12 AM
Northern_New_Mexico (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_New_Mexico) but I think BuckLucky just means NM centered around Tri-Metro and excluding other urban centers like Gallup, Farmington, Roswell, Socorro, Las Cruces (especially, because of the high population due to NMSU; they define the center of urban south NM) and the wide stretches of rural and mining (oil, gas, et al.) country downstate. Yes/no, BL?

I am just south of SF, using Linux Mint.

January 12th, 2014, 09:46 PM
I found this thread by google.

You will find three or four folks in the NM loco team that are regulars on this forum. Mostly we are in Albuquerque. It's a pretty quite mailing list but there are a few of us that stick around.

April 18th, 2014, 02:31 PM
ABQ here