View Full Version : Making a cross-compiler for ARM

October 22nd, 2012, 02:53 PM
Hi all,

sorry if posting in a wrong area but this seemed like the sort of place to ask this kind of question.

I'm interested in generating/building a cross-compiler for ARM.

I want my target binaries to be for ARM, and for them to be compiled on a host x86_64 machine.

I have read these links:

but I didn't get up-to-date information on building one. Then I found crosstool-ng (http://crosstool-ng.org/) script which seems to be what everyone's using but nobody really mentions it or how they're using it.

I'm hoping to get some clarifications on how to build a crosscompiler that works just like the one I have right now but that can compile on a x86/x86_64 machine (because compiling natively takes hours). Preferably in a form of a executable script, but vague theoretical answers are also ok ;) as long as they're useful and/or constructive.

Can anyone help a fellow noob out here? :) It's my first post after all.

Thanks in advance,