View Full Version : New to Ubuntu, running OpenSim

October 19th, 2012, 06:39 AM
I bought the install box with the DVD and thumb drive a while back and finally got around to installing it as a test on my laptop.

I found it fairly easy to install and get running, and much easier than the openSUSE Ive been using on a Dell workstation used as a dedicated server for OpenSim.

I wasn't aware mysql was already included and installed it and had some problems with that, deleted all mysql and reinstalled and then it was fine.
I installed OpenSim and got that up and running with mysql about as easy as I've seen yet.
I think I'm going to like Ubuntu much better than openSUSE which I found a pain to navigate around and use, the buggy desktop would crash too.
I guess part of the issue was since it's a dedicated server I run 24/7 and hardly ever have to mess with, I just don't retain the commands and things needed and have to constantly go looking them up and relearning because it could be days or weeks between doing anything on it.

I ordered a new HD today to plug it into the Dell and install Ubuntu 12.04 on fresh, the network control panel seems much easier to use than openSUSE, and going by how easy things went on the laptop, I think this install will have OpenSim up and running with a minimum of fuss.

Wondering if anyone else in here uses Ubuntu with OpenSim or with mysql at least.