View Full Version : App for browsing forums on Androids(Download link available)

October 13th, 2012, 05:02 AM
Hello everyone. I wasn't really sure where to put this, so I put it here. This is an app for browsing Ubuntu Forums on your Android devices. I promise, there are no virus or what ever. I don't even know how to write those. Here's the download link. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: I didn't pay 25 dollars to be a developer for Google, so I posted the link directly to the app instead. So, you'll have to make sure you can install 3rd party apps on your device. :) Here you go. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, even though its nothing really special. I didn't see anything on the app store though, so I decided to make this for personal use, but ended up posting it here for everyone to enjoy.