View Full Version : [ubuntu] Confusion between "Try Ubuntu" & What is actually Installed

October 10th, 2012, 02:08 AM
New laptop, Lenovo Z585 with an AMD A10 I think. I boot from a 12.04 Live CD and seems like most things are recognized, builtin webcam, bluetooth, wifi etc.

Looks good.

Go to install - not WUBI - I have dedicated partitions for it - / and swap. cam works - my ugly mug is presented to me as a login pic - seems like things are ok. Install completed.

Some issues with Grub - dual boot with windows Windows 7 - but I get by those.

Grub comes up and I try and boot - nomodeset already an option. Boot hangs on an acpi line... Go into BIOS and disable bluetooth. Same problem.

Leave BT disabled in bios and need to add acpi=off on the kernel line to boot.... Not having ACPI is not a good thing of course.

I don't understand why the Live CD - with BT on in the bios and no kernel options boots fine and seems to detect everything - maybe not the best graphics drivers loaded - boots fine but an install from the same live CD can't boot without acpi=off..

Any thoughts on how I can get around this ? I would like BT and acpi functionality. BTW, tried 12.10 beta 2 as well as acpi=off still required to boot.


October 12th, 2012, 12:04 AM
Definite progress !!!

After a lot of searching and reviewing dmesg I noticed some references to microcode not being loaded...

I hunted some more and found a reference to amd-64/microcode. I installed it in my 12.10 beta 2 laptop to see what would happen. It installed fine so I shutdown restarted and went back into the bios of the laptop. I re-enabled bluetooth and for some reason disabled legacy usb..

Then the big test - try to reboot into Ubuntu 12.10 beta 2 - but I did not specify acpi=off.... Some seconds of a purplish screen... then boot goodness !!! Graphcal login displayed so login I did

battery status was displayed, I did a successful resume and even Bluetooth appeared to be recognized... I installed cheese - built-in cam wasn't working before - ran it and there I was !!!

Not sure how stable this install will be but so far so good. Everything - except bluetooth - seemns to work fine. I can enable bluetooth and make it discoverable but was unable to pair with my
Android phone - tho I did pair it successfully in Windows 7.

Graphics seemed a little slow/choppy so I installed the Ubuntu repo version of the proprietary video driver as well after being unable to do a manual install/build of the latest beta from AMD.

Video seems good and it looks like I can get very good functionality from the lappy in Ubuntu now. :popcorn: