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October 4th, 2012, 01:17 PM
Hello, I am new to the forum. Beginner, when it comes to installations. Going to install ubuntu 12.04 and replace XP, on a dell 5100c desk top. Should any
programs like anti- virus, etc be removed prior to the installation? I just want to have the desk top prepared before the install. Any other tips?

October 4th, 2012, 01:34 PM
Well it depends on what you have, disks, memory, etc.., and what you want in the end. Frankly, once you install Linux the disk will be scrubbed when its installed since Linux uses a different filesystem format than WinXP. You need to decide if you are going to control the partitioning or just partition the drive you have into one large partition. There are other things to think about as well. However, for a beginner you can just take a straight vanilla install approach, get used to Ubuntu/Linux than at some later time reinstall when you have more experience. I would also check out the Dell specific forums for possible issues with your machine, if any.


October 4th, 2012, 03:05 PM
Another thought, you can dual boot (this is an option when installing) and keep XP until you feel comfortable with Ubuntu. And maybe we can stay on the subject this time :)

October 4th, 2012, 08:23 PM
Welcome to the forum.

If there is nothing worth keeping on your laptop just install and when asked select the use entire disk option.

Here is a good guide http://news.softpedia.com/news/Installing-Ubuntu-12-04-LTS-266201.shtml

Enjoy Ubuntu. Remember if you find the Unity desktop difficult (I do) you can install others that may be more familiar - Just Google to find out more. (KDE, XFCE, Gnome 3, Cinnamon....)

October 5th, 2012, 02:12 AM
Just Google to find out more.

cough* Googlubuntu (http://www.googlubuntu.com/) *cough