View Full Version : [ubuntu] Touchscreen locking mouse events

September 30th, 2012, 09:51 PM

I have an Acer 231H touchscreen connected to a rather freshly installed Ubuntu machine (it's a very old Intel Mac mini, but I don't think it's what causing the problem).

The touchscreen seems at first to work quite well at first, but after a seemingly random amount of clicks, all mouse events appears to infinitely lock up in a very peculiar fashion. Basically, when I release my finger from the screen, it instantly triggers a mouse down event at what I think was the position of the last mouse down event, and keeps holding that until I click somewhere else (whereas it repeats).

So far, the only solution I've found is to restart X, which seems to solve it until it happens again.

I'm not sure whether frequency of clicking has any affect on initiating this bug, but it appears to happen more often if I rapidly click on the screen.

I've been trying to search around for a while now, without finding any working solutions. Is there someone here who may have ideas about what could be causing this?