View Full Version : [all variants] embed fonts AND also save as a .doc[x]

September 27th, 2012, 03:07 PM
Hey all,

Last night while working on my resume, I realized that it's absolutely critical that I have the ability to embed fonts (or at the very least just the glyphs used in my document from a fontset of my choosing). In a nutshell, what I'm up against is that most of the resume robots that serve as Kerberos to hiring in my industry will only accept .doc files: .pdf is only an option some of the time! In the end, the resume needs to be a simple .doc to get past the gates, and beautiful to dazzle the human hiring managers, which are undoubtedly on Windows and obviously don't have Ubuntu's beautiful sans-serif font, which is what I've chosen for now.

So then, my problem follows that [Libre|Open]Office cannot [and probably will not] support font embedding in generated documents - .doc, .docx nor even .odf

I played around with CalligraWords, which touts the ability to embed fonts - but no .doc saving support! :confused:

Do I really need to switch to Windows/Office after 15 years of freedom just to get a job? Realistically I cannot force the industry to accept a format of my own choosing just because it was the best I could generate... I honestly need a change of industry as of a year ago and don't have the time to even think about coding this critical functionality myself until I have more free time in a new position. Surely there must be something out there off the shelf that can do what I need...