View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mirroring Ubuntu on several systems in a computer lab

September 26th, 2012, 04:56 AM
I am working in a new refugee school where the only Internet service available is a slow satellite connection. We are about to set up a computer lab (already have desktop systems and am about to install Ubuntu on them). I'm a newbie when it comes to Linux, but it seems a better alternative than pirated copies of Windows.

I'd like to set up one Ubuntu system, and then mirror that system on perhaps ten to twenty other systems (all of which would be on an ethernet network). I expect to have an internet connection on the one system that I set up, but then it may be difficult to have enough bandwidth to go through all the same steps on the other ten systems. Can I set up the other ten or twenty computers to get all of their updates/upgrades/configuration from one master system?

Can I also set things up so that students cannot change the configuration, install new programs, etc.?

Appreciate any help you can give. -- Harvey