View Full Version : [ubuntu] problems installing ubuntu 12.04 on vaio

September 26th, 2012, 12:24 AM
Hello everyone,
I am experiencing problems when I try to install ubuntu on my vaio laptop. The model of the laptop is S-VS1511V9ES. I try to install ubuntu 12.04 alongside windows, booting from a cd. When I insert the CD and restart my computer and boot from the cd the following happens:

1. a message appears that reads something like that: "missing prefix error"
2. it instantly dissappears and there appears the screen with options:
-try ubuntu without installing
-install ubuntu
-check the cd for errors

No matter which option I choose, I get either a black screen and a not-working keyboard
or a screen printing system messages (something about external drives and devices, usb ports etc, as well as sth about the CLK) and again a not working keyboard. So the only think I can do is force the laptop to terminate using the power button. When I try to start my laptop again, the keyboard still doesn't work, and I have to force the laptop to terminate again, so that the next time I open it the windows' "unexpected termination repair procedure" starts automatically, and then my keyboard is working again.

I tried to install ubuntu 11.10 as well and I had exactly the same problem.
(I had installed ubuntu 11.10 on an older vaio laptop without any problem though).

I cannot figure out what the problem is and I am getting desperate. Can anyone help me?