View Full Version : Development with DataGlyphs or MicroGlyphs

September 24th, 2012, 02:20 AM
I am looking to network with anyone who has experience coding with the referenced subject.

DataGlyphs (http://www.xerox.com/Static_HTML/xsis/dataglph.htm) are exclusively licensed to Microglyph Technology GmbH (http://www.microglyphs.com/english/index.shtml).

As of right now, this is a problem. I have already contacted XeroX in hopes of determining the status of the "exclisive" license. Hopefully it's terms are such that it will end soon or better yet, the purposes that it is licensed for will allow for the team that forms because of this development project in planning will not conflict with the current license agreement.

I only hope that the "exclusive license" does not include a guarantee to the current license holder that the source code will not be shared with other projects.

I am going to be bold here. With this technology, I see nothing short of a total transformation of how the internet operates.

I have begun researching any RFC related to DataGlyphs or MicroGlyphs but with no success so far.

Bottom Line? I know very few people will have even heard of these, let alone have experience coding with them so what I really need is to network with others who have experience with data encoding into visual images and not necessarily stegonographers.

I look forward to hearing from any and all of you.