View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mouse won't work on Ubuntu 12.04 fresh install. PLEAS HELP!!!

September 21st, 2012, 10:16 PM
So I just formatted and re-installed Ubuntu on my computer (Satellite C655). For half a second everything worked fine but then fore some reason my mouse stopped working.

I've installed Ubuntu on this computer before and never had this problem. Also everything works perfect on my Windows 7 partition.

I figured maybe installing updates may fix this bug but I need to somehow connect to my network without using my mouse.

The only thing I've done different when installing is I created a separate home and root partition.
Here is how I partitioned everything:

1.46GB:Toshiba Recovery, 7.16GB:Windows Recovery, 90GB:Windows(C), 186.36GB:Extended[4GB:SWAP, 4.5GB:/, 177.86GB:/home]