View Full Version : [ubuntu] Need Help: Backup and Restore data, with Grub and Partclone

September 21st, 2012, 10:40 AM
Good morning,

I hope some of you can help me, I'm looking for a way to create backup images, and restore them directly from grub's boot options.

I'm asking this cause I've already seen a system set up like that on a machine once, and although I tried to reproduce it, I've failed, furthermore I haven't found material on the internet which mentioned anything about it.

The situation I'm trying to recreate is the following:

1- The user turns the computer on

2- Grub shows boot menus who allow the user to:
-enter windows
-create backup image
-restore system

All I know is that who made that used grub (or burg) and partclone.

Does any of you have an idea of how could it have been done?

I thank you in advance for your time and answers