View Full Version : [ubuntu] Struggling to install with preseed v12.04

September 19th, 2012, 01:49 AM
Hi folks

I am a noob so apologies if this is something ridiculously simple.

I am trying to prepare a USB installation of ubuntu 12.04. I have a headless unit so the install needs to be without any user entry. The install also need to install XRDP so that I can remote to the system to configure once its set up.

However all that is more complex than my issue. First just by way of explanation I have a laptop to use to test this install.

So onto the issue.....
I have updated syslinux.cfg to let it know that I have a preseed.cfg file on the root of the USB. I have also used a sample preseed.cfg file that I found on the ubuntu site.

However my install always gets to the UI and then has the icons to 'Try Ubuntu' or 'Install Ubuntu'.

It seems that I am missing something as I expect that I should be going directly to the install.

Sorry, I am sure that this is a simple omission that I am making but I have spect plenty of time googling and I am getting nowhere.

Can anybody please help