View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu freeze, VNC wont respond

September 6th, 2012, 10:36 PM
Hi, this is the fist time something like this happens to me, I have an Ubuntu box with Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop running Windows XP under virtual box (oracle), the system freeze but other services like SSH, FTP and the virtual windows xp keeps running but when I try to do VNC to the ubuntu box it wont connect, already check password and firewall settings and everything is clear, under this kind of situation if I turn on the monitor of the computer its totally freeze but when I move the mouse it comes back up, looks like some kind of stand by mode, how do I know its freeze? because I leave the box downloading from an FTP and no numbers moving and the bandwidth graphic has no changes at all but once I press a key or move the mouse everything starts working, the box has all updates for the OS, any suggestions?