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September 4th, 2012, 12:33 AM
I need someone who really knows what they are doing!

This is my dilemma. I will make it shot as I can.

My past programming experience is mostly in Microsoft products and some UNIX about 11 years ago.

Today I wish to learn Ubuntu Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL to run a SERVER for the Web. Most importantly for now, I want to learn

Hardware I have is a new HP Pavilion p6-2117c Desktop PC running Windows 7 for my learning.

Two weeks ago, I went to download Linux. Wow Ė all the types and versions, shocking.

I went with Ubuntu Server 12.04 and installed it with LAMP so I would have PHP, MySQL and Apache installed and configured.

As you may know, I had no DVD or Internet or Web Browser. Also, the monitor will turn off after 10 minutes if I didnít press any key or the power saver on the video card, I assume, would turn off and would not go back on. I would then have to type blindly save my vim file and shutdown now. My refreshing of some commands did come back and I learned stuff by going through the process.

Currently, I had to reinstall Windows 7 from the backup image that I made before installing Ubuntu 12.04. This was done because I went back to try to install more services with the install boot disk and during the install it told me that some services are already install and I could not figure out how the heck to say overwrite or skip or exit or anything else. Therefore I crashed the system and loaded Windows 7.

Iím thinking that I can reinstall Ubuntu 12.04 Server again since Windows formatted the HD and all Ubuntu will be gone and select All Services during install hoping Iíll have Firefox, or some type of Web Browser, so I can open my text file when Iím learning MySQL and PHP.


Install Ubuntu 12.x Desktop version and perhaps the DVD and Internet will work so I can function!!! Will I still be able to learn MySQL, Apache and Ubuntu Linux commands from the prompt? Will THIS HELP ME?


What is you advice?

September 4th, 2012, 12:51 AM
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