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September 2nd, 2012, 06:10 PM
Here's what I have:
Desktop running

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Gnome desktop 2.30.2
gdm 2.20, gdm was rolled back because of imposed restrictions that deleted features...

This system is also used as a file server for the rest of the computers in the house.

I skipped all 11.xx releases because of the Unity desktop. With 12.04 LTS release, I thought I should decide to upgrade before 2013 end of support for 10.04... Unfortunately, 12.04 still comes only with Unity crap. I've played with Mint 13 - Mate on my MacBook and IMHO for a new install it's a no-brainer. For the desktop, I was hoping for an upgrade to reduce the pain of switching to a different distro, bringing in the important configuration files and the usual trickle of problems for the next x weeks... Not wanting to risk crippling my home network and becoming the focal point of abuse ;), I copied my system to a spare disc, installed the upgrade to 12.04 and MATE, per instructions on their site for Ubuntu. The result is kind of a success. Depending on which greeter wins the battle for resources, it either looks exactly like my customized 10.04 setup or the boring maroon, default Ubuntu greeter.

I've searched the forum w/o luck, but I assume I need to remove at least the default window manager (greeter) used by Unity. Does anyone know which package that is?


SJR Dorset
September 3rd, 2012, 01:32 PM
The default Display Manager/Greeter is LightDM.

September 3rd, 2012, 05:37 PM
thank you

September 3rd, 2012, 06:27 PM
My conclusion: I see no compelling reason to upgrade from 10.04 LTS. All desktop choices change my system appearance. :rolleyes:

September 5th, 2012, 06:33 PM
update... When the time comes, I'll go to Mint w/MATE, since it's Unbuntu anyway...

Linux Puma 3.2.0-29-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 27 17:03:23 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

September 8th, 2012, 06:46 PM
I've upgraded/migrated to Mint 13...

so long Ubuntu... sort of, as Mint 13 distro is based on Ubuntu 3.2.0.xx anyway...

September 9th, 2012, 07:42 AM
I have recently updated my laptop from 10.04 to 12.04.

I have installed gnome fallback desktop, and it works like old gnome 2, only drawbacks is the "little" you can customize the appearance, but there are tools as gnome-tweak-tool wich can help.

Also there are excellent guides to customize: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1966370

I assume that in future, they will introduce more flexibility for appearance's customization.