View Full Version : [gnome] Gnome3 2D issue in 12.04

Padraig Notlad
September 2nd, 2012, 05:19 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm currently using Gnome3 with 12.04. I use the Gnome 2D (no affects) shell when I want to play a game that needs resources. Well, I made the mistake of trying to configure dual monitors. That part seemed to work, but I didn't like it and tried to change it back. Now, when I log into the 2D shell, I have 3 of everything. 3 top panels, 3 bottom panels, 3 sets of menus at the top, and 3 sets of battery, bluetooth, IM, clock etc. I can't figure out how to reset it. Can anyone help?

My laptop is a HP Compaq 8710w with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600m.
Also, the normal 3D shell is not affected. Only the 2D shell.

Thanks in advance!

Padraig Notlad
September 4th, 2012, 02:32 PM