View Full Version : [ubuntu] Google Chrome Icon in Left Hand Column

August 31st, 2012, 08:41 PM
Hello,I'm using 12.04, i386,the 2 D version.

I am helping beta test a Google Chrome add on.(Yes,I know I should go to Google Chrome,but it also relates to the desktop and this is a knowledgeable crowd.)

The add on is "Manage Me".

This afternoon,I put in the latest software updates which included a new version of Google Chrome.

The "Manage Me" add on broke my link to Chrome,so I re installed it. It works now,but where there used to be a Chrome icon in the left hand column,there is now no Icon at all. When I open Chrome from the top left button,it opens a Question Mark Icon in the left hand column,but the icon won't stay there when I close it.

Yes,I went to the Ubuntu Software Center,which does not show the Google Chrome installed(it is) but offers me Google Chromium. Should I download that or might it make it worse?

So,how do I get the Google Chrome icon back into the left hand column?


Thank you.