View Full Version : [PPC] Flash Video Replacer gone, Youtube?

August 31st, 2012, 06:56 PM
I discovered Flash Video Replacer is gone from Firefox addons, it was the best alternative to watch youtube videos on powerpc (best quality at least). I used FVR on my new pc too, which has no problem with regular flash. I have tried different options and all I can make stream fairly well is Gnash media player in Midori.

I downloaded Totem to see if there was any plugin or addon that might work, but no luck. I tried VLC mozilla plugin but nothing (even other sites than youtube) streams embeded in browser. I also tried minitube, but it crashes constantly.

Are there options that should work?

I forgot to mention sound disappeard on html5 on the Firefox 15 update. Picture streams jerkily, and sound is only a "hizz".

Odd thing I just discovered with minitube; I have the minitube-integration addon in Firefox where minitube pops up in a separate window and streams whatever starts playing in Firefox. For some reason it doesn`t crash, picture is good quality and sound all fine.

Any idea why minitube crashes when launched as a seperate application?

Shalok Shalom
December 14th, 2012, 01:18 PM