View Full Version : [gnome] Gnome since 12.04 upgrade - changing workspaces fouls up desktop

August 31st, 2012, 06:31 PM
Ubuntu Users:

The issue I am facing initially instantiated itself subsequent to my upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, as in precedence to the upgrade to 12.04 no such problem had existed within my operating environment. Thus I stand firmly confident that whatever bugulance now enunciated in succession to the aforementioned upgrade is present, it must be related to the upgrade. Moreover, I have run "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" to be assured that the full composite of packages that are current are appointed in my operating environment.

I use the GNOME environment, I truly detest KDE (as it reminds me of windows), and believe that I installed the full composite of requisite packages in pursuance of enunciating GNOME properly. I login to the "GNOME (classic)" and have a number of icons on my desktop as well as the "Applications Places" (and other associative icons on the far right) all there along with the taskbar and "icon switcher" on far right (bottom). Basically, a perfectly normative looking GNOME operating environment as one would otherwise expect when logging into GNOME (classic).

I recently right clicked on the workspace icons on the lower right, and changed it to "6 workspaces" all displayed over 2 rows (3 workspace icons per row). When I then hit "CTRL-ALT-arrow-of-my choice" to move between the workspaces, no matter how long I waited, every worksapce was blank, no desktop icons that were there before, no "Application Places", no upper right icons, no lower left icons, it entirely broke the whole environment; all due to a minor and reasonable change to have made. I even attempted to put it back (through command line stuff I found on the web somewhere), when 2x2 and 4 workspaces were configured back it functioned normally again. However, when I then attempted to configure using the right click on the icon switcher icons again for 6 workspaces over 2 rows (2x3) I was again met with the same anomalous behaviour.

I then successfully installed "Compiz Config Settings Manager" (CCSM), visibly absent from Ubuntu 12.04, as I had read that CCSM was the best way to make such a configuration change. The foregoing notwithstanding, subsequent to making the same configuration changes with CCSM I was met with the same ugly behavioural result when attempting to CTRL-ALT-arrow between workspaces.

Someone else told me that because I upgraded (and did not do a fresh install), it was my fault that this was not working. I am thinking, really? Because I used an upgrade function built into the OS, it's my fault? What the HELL?!?

If anyone can help me resolve this issue, I'd surely stand in great appreciation of their assistance.