View Full Version : [ubuntu] Setting up some environment variables for casper on LiveCD

August 31st, 2012, 02:08 PM
I'm creating a LiveCD based on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04, and I want it to remain as close to the original LiveCD as possible. The changes I want to make involve setting up some preset items for the users who will be receiving this LiveCD. The purpose for the CD is for certain users to have a simple Ubuntu desktop presented to them with a few icons in the panel, one of which will be Firefox. It is already in the panel by default, so that works out great.

Following the instructions for the LiveCD located at:

...I reach the point where I'm tweaking the system before running squashfs and creating the new ISO file. What I want to do is place a 3 page Home for the Firefox environment into casper's Firefox environment, but since casper is set up on the fly with each boot up, I don't know where I can put this information in order to have it available at each boot.

Can anyone point me to the location on the LiveCD where I would find the current configuration for casper's Firefox settings?

Thank you!

Benny / Xitron