View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04 - triplo boot on Imac Intel 7.1

August 30th, 2012, 05:00 PM
Greetings to the entire community of ubuntu.I need help about the possibility of installing ubuntu 12.04 on my intel imac 24 - 7.1, where I have installed mac osx 10.8 mountain lion and windows 7 on bootcamp partition. I also see that there is a partition for the recovery of mountain lion. Can I install ubuntu 12.04? How should I proceed? thanks to all.:D):P

hi from Gennaro from Naples-Italy

September 5th, 2012, 09:40 PM
hello friends, I managed to install ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit dvd) on imac 24 (7.1) in dual boot with mac osx 10.8 Mountain Lion.Non I used refit or refind, modeled on my imac not needed. first I went to disk utility and I just resized the partition mac 1 terabyte to 680 gigabytes using the mouse.QUindi without assigning any partitions without using bootcamp.Una Once this is done resizing the main disk, I rebooted the mac dvd with ubuntu 12.04 32 bit and I hold the c key on the keyboard, where he started ubuntu.Potete first to try it and then install it, when you go to the installation, once you are on the screen which indicates when you want to install ubuntu next to mac osx leave the check on it and press ok to continuare.Ubuntu will automatically install the system into the free space created on disk utility without problems on partizioni.Finito with the installation, press the enter button to eject the DVD and restart by holding down the Alt key, you will see the disk mountain lion, that of windows (which is ubuntu) and partition recoveri mountain lion 10.8.premete the windows disk and have fun with your Ubuntu 12.04.Sul my imac graphics card ati hd 2600 was recognized internal sound card, adjust the keyboard brightness, volume control audio, wireless (after downloading additional drivers.) So i'm very happy :guitar:Ps : This tutorial is for dual boot not triploboot