View Full Version : [ubuntu] Application Associations for Standalone Apps

August 29th, 2012, 06:02 AM
More specifically, setting torrent association with TransGUI's standalone install (not from the repository).

I'm using Chrome as my primary browser and I've found that it defaults to the Ubuntu 12.04 app associations. For example, when I click on a torrent link, it will automatically load up Transmission by default.

I want to use the latest version of TransGUI (the remote Transmission Client) which is v4.0.3. TransGUI is only at v3.2 in the Ubuntu 12.04 repository and it's a bit buggy so I don't want to install that version.

Right now, TransGUI is simply unzipped to a directory in my home folder. I typically just double click the icon in Nautilus when I want to run this. FireFox allows me to set an association directly, and use this version of TransGUI. However, Chrome does not.

So, I have tried to setup a global file association in Ubuntu 12.04 by right clicking on the torrent file. However, my version of TransGUI is not in the app list (other apps) and is not "formally" installed (through Ubuntu Software Center).

My question is, how do I set the file association to use this informal install of TransGUI? Or should I some how "register" TransGUI so that it shows up in the app list?