View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upgrade to 12.04 - lots of things missing and broken

August 27th, 2012, 11:59 AM
I need some help following an upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 on my notebook. I use xfce sessions and a lot of things have disappeared or don't work any more:

1. Battery icon disappeared (I have now managed to re-install this somehow via Synaptic.) Why would this be removed by an upgrade?

2. Volume control icon has disappeared. I can't find anything relating to volume control, sound settings, Alsa, Pulse etc. in any menu so I can only assume the whole sound system has been disabled. How do I get this back?

3. All my xfce themes have vanished, I want xfce4-4 - how do I install it?

4. I can't click and drag any more from a sambashare directory, nothing happens. To copy between sambashare and local folder, I have to right-click and copy and then go to the local folder and right-click and paste. You know, like we had to do in 1984! How do I get clicking and dragging between folders back?

5. Can't install packages from sambashare (I have some old versions of packages which I always re-install on every upgrade, they are stored in my sambashare on the server machine). Double clicking them from the sambashare folder brings up the GDebi window very briefly which then disappears; copying and pasting to local folder works fine.

6. I can't get the machine to log me in automatically on boot. The only option I can find is to not prompt for password, but this still brings up a login screen where I have to click my user name. How do I get it to start up and log in without me having to do anything?

7. Still no Places menu - I haven't had this for years! Is there any way to bring back the "Places" menu next to the "Applications" menu?

8. Touchpad scrolling doesn't work properly. Moving up and down the right hand side sometimes just moves the pointer, for some reasons I have to press harder to get it to scroll the screen, but if I press too hard I end up selecting an item instead of starting the scroll.

Hope people can help me with these problems caused by the new version!

August 27th, 2012, 12:04 PM
This is not the sort of answer you are looking for, but it's my advice: I have had all sorts of trouble when upgrading from one Ubuntu version to another. I would always recommend a fresh install instead of an upgrade. To make the transition as smooth as possible, create a separate partition for /home and keep it (i.e. don't format it) when you install a new Ubuntu version. This way, you will keep all your documents and personal settings, you will only need to reinstall the software you use. That's usually very quick to do.