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August 27th, 2012, 09:48 AM
So after happy years sticking with Karmic - so stable I never had much need to keep updating - I decided it was time to get up to date with Precise. Install fine - I kept my old /home and settings came over OK - and although Unity (or some aspects of it) not entirely to my taste I figured that was just a matter of getting used to it. Installed MyUnity to resize the launcher and had the launcher going hidden and re-appearing OK.

Then I installed Compiz Settings Manager to allow some tweaking - I had Compiz running in Karmic for a while until a graphics card swap nuked it. Enabled a couple of basic windows effects - wobbly, some animations. Don't know whether this was the cause but now, in Firefox for example, the windows controls and menu options that used to appear at the top of the screen when in fullscreen have vanished, bar the close window control. They are in fact all still there, just invisible. So clicking on black space somewhere to the left of the strip along the top of the screen will find the 'File' menu etc. and some random clicking to the right (near the network icon etc.) will resize the window, at which point the window control icons, though not the menu, re-appear on the window. Also the launcher decided to stay hidden wherever I moved the mouse so I had to switch to having it fixed. In short Unity has become a mess. Uninstalling the Compiz manager didn't resolve the issue. Any way to restore Unity to default behavious, short of doing that very Windows thing of re-installing the OS?

August 27th, 2012, 07:25 PM
First of all you have to decide if what you are seeing are faults and not features.

What you are seeing with Firefox is indeed a feature of Unity. You can also grab the Firefox window top panel and pull it downwards and it will resize full full screen to what is was before.

You are using two settings managers. Make sure that one is not overriding the other.

You can also use the Compiz Configuration Settings Manager>Ubuntu Unity Plugin>Experimental tab to adjust the Launcher Reveal Pressure, which the tool tip describes as Amount of mouse pressure required to reveal Launcher.

I do not agree with your opinion of Unity. It has been much improved since it first came out. I tested Unity when Precise Pangolin was in development. There are more improvements to come in the 12.10 release.

Please remember that certain sections of this forum are for help requests and not for stating opinions.