View Full Version : [ubuntu] blank screen after install

August 24th, 2012, 12:18 AM
i installed ubuntu 12.04 server onto an older pc i had laying around and am getting a grub screen and when i go to boot ubuntu i get a blank screen and then the tv loses the signal from the box. its hooked up rgb and did work fine with 10.04 but i havent booted it up for about 2 months so wasnt exactly recent the last known good boot. im not sure why im even getting a grub screen, ubuntu is the only os loaded and from experience with 10.04, i didnt get a grub screen nor i dont think i should. i did a completely fresh format and install in my installation of 12.04. i only need enough video to set up ssh and then probably wont need it again. the machine is pretty old, boasting a 60 gig ide drive with 2.2 ghz processor(prob single core), 1 gig ram(ddr ram shows its age). im just using this one to get familiar with the server os and in the future build a cheapy media server. i did google the problem and dont really think id need a heavy vid driver with it being cli. any suggestions would be helpful. thanks in advance. mwl