View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mac OSX Mountain Lion recovery & FileValut 2 & Ubuntu 12.04 all in perfect harmony?

August 22nd, 2012, 03:11 AM
Just as the title says, I want to know if anyone has kept their Mountain Lion recovery partition, FileValut 2, and Ubuntu 12.04 64bit all at the same time on my MacBook Air 4.1 Even if you have lion recovery, and a different flavor of Ubuntu, I'd be interested in hearing how you did it.

I recently wiped everything, installed Mountain Lion, restored from Time Capsule, installed ubuntu (this is an over simplification of how many things I tried to get ubuntu and recovery partition to be together), and then tried to turn on File Vault.

I haven't yet been able to keep the recovery partition no matter how I have installed Ubuntu. And FileValut will not turn on because there is no recovery partition I think.

If you have managed to get all of these things running on a Mac, can you tell me what you did?

Also I have a way to reinstall the recovery partition, but it only works if I delete the linux partitions and return Macintosh HD to the full size.