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June 27th, 2006, 03:38 AM
Hi all...

Been living 24/7 with Breezy since last november. About to make the leap to Dapper (reviews are kinda scarey?!!) and wanted to get some input.

First, Is it worth upgrading to Dapper? My Breezy install was totally stable until I added a bunch of stuff to my PC... new CPU w/ Powerleap adapter (went from a Coppermine 633 to a Tualatin 1.4 ghz), upgraded from cd-rom/cd burner to DVD-rom/dvd burner, new power supply... my Breezy went nuts.

So I saved everything and did a clean install of Breezy. Fast forward a month and now we live in Dapperland. My question... Is Dapper really better than Breezy?

Second question... My PC is kinda old... an old MSI MB using an intel i810e step 3 chipset that origionally had a Coppermine 633 but has since been upgraded to a Tualatin 1.4 ghz using a powerleap adaptor. I'm still using 256 mb sdram though and wondering if Dapper will work ok on my machine. Upping to 512 will cost me almost $100 dollars, and I'm wondering if I should go the Xubuntu route or just bite the bullet and buy the overpriced ram.

I've always liked lean desktops... I'm booted into 98se at the moment... but I also despise struggling with a new os. Is xfce as easy as gnome and should I give it a try?

Thanks for your input!


June 27th, 2006, 03:41 AM
First question: you can make a backup of your Breezy installation. That way, if the Dapper install goes horribly wrong, you'll be able to go back.

Second question: I would advise Xubuntu. It's super-polished in Dapper. If you want fast, Xubuntu will fly on your machine. If you have the bandwidth, you can always install both Xubuntu and Ubuntu on one partition in Dapper and just switch back and forth as you see fit.