View Full Version : [SOLVED] Different sizes on Install

August 16th, 2012, 03:02 AM
Hi again

I'm just installing EasyPeasy on my EEE PC 900. I'm confused about the OS size on the drive. It's a 4GB SSD and after the first fresh install I had 980MG free. Removed all the games and then had 910MB free ??? Less, not more!

Did an erase and fresh install of the lot but had 636MB free. Removed all the games again and then had still 636MB free ??? How can that be and what can I do to get the most MB free?


Bucky Ball
August 16th, 2012, 03:06 AM
Perhaps empty the trash and have another look?

August 16th, 2012, 08:01 AM
Ah, that's right, it only really delets it on emptying the bin.

Thanks Manfred