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August 15th, 2012, 09:47 PM

Iím having some trouble. I want to create some password protected Samba shares, but itís not working.

Iím using Ubuntu Server 12.04 and have been following the guide here:


This is what Iíve done so far:

1. Install samba server using sudo apt-get install samba.
2. In smb.conf Iíve specified security = user.
3. I then added the following section to smb.conf

comment = Ubuntu File Server Share
path = /srv/samba/share
browsable = yes
guest ok = no
read only = no
create mask = 0755

4. Next I created /srv/samba/share and set its permissions using sudo chown nobody.nogroup.
5. I then installed libpam-smbpass
6. I add one of my system users as a Samba user and enable the account with:

sudo smbpasswd -L -a username
sudo smbpasswd -L -e username

7. Finally, I restart nmbd and smbd.

I know I must be missing something, as when I try to connect to the share from a Windows 7 client I get the error message:

\\servername\share is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this resource...

Can anyone tell me where Iím going wrong or point me in the direction of a good step- by-step guide?

Any and all help, hints or tips would be much appreciated.



August 18th, 2012, 04:50 AM
Seeing as this is a server related problem, you may can an answer here, rather than in ABT.

August 18th, 2012, 08:26 PM
It appears that guide is missing important info like adding samba user.

Did you add yourself to the samba user list with


Here is a link that may help

August 18th, 2012, 08:44 PM
Just some random thoughts:

[1] There's 2 sets of permissions at play here. The Samba permissions ( guest ok, read only ) and Linux file permissions, They must be in sync. So what are the permissions of the shared folder and do they allow "username" to have access:

ls -dl /srv/samba/share
[2] Speaking of permissions:

Next I created /srv/samba/share and set its permissions using sudo chown nobody.nogroup.
The remote user is not coming across as "nobody" because you specfied "guest ok = no". Everyone will be somebody so you need to find out what the permissions are for "other" - See item [1].

[3] I honestly believe that libpam-smbpass was created to insure that people will go insane. It has only one function in life: Every time you reboot it automatically sets the samba password for a given user to his local login password on the server.

Why in the world would you ever want that to happen? If this was a Server with a big "S" that's sitting on raised floor somewhere behind locked doors then fine. But if this server is in your home then everyone now has local access to the physical server itself. Insane.

Anywho, You can set the samba password as you have in your post but if the samba password is different from that users login password libpam-smbpass will override it at the next reboot.