View Full Version : [ubuntu] facebook mobile fonts don't scale?

August 15th, 2012, 10:22 AM
Hello, I am using ubuntu (lucid I think) with the netbook launcher as a media server and I am hitting a couple walls, which I think might be related.

1. The fonts in the netbook launcher don't scale with any of the font options in the 'Appearances' settings, and

2. The fonts on the facebook mobile site don't scale with ANYTHING.

With where the tv is I can't read the text on most websites unless it is extremely zoomed in, which is one of the reasons I've opted to use a lot of mobile sites on it, but for some reason zooming in and out of the facebook mobile page scales everything BUT the text. Is there a way maybe to 'zoom in' on the whole desktop without sacrificing image quality, rather than using chrome's zoom function? I don't want to have to scroll left and right with each line to read the text :/