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August 15th, 2012, 03:30 AM
Hey guys,
I'm new here, and naive user of Ubuntu. My Desk currently running Ubuntu 11.10, and my problem is, I cannot load the primary Partition which the file systems were being installed.
Because I am a naive user (only few months since I installed it) I've kinda looking for some tweaks and push me to go to Ubuntu Software Center. Upon looking some stuff, i found GParted, and I accidentally deleted a partition and renamed (Ubuntu) it and nothing happens. But when I reboot, upon the logging in, the system gave me an error indicating Ubuntu (name of the partition) cannot be found.
I started loving Ubuntu since I'm using it from the past months. But with this kind of error, it makes me disappointed. I really need help.

Thanks guys.

Bucky Ball
August 15th, 2012, 03:53 AM
In Gparted do you have 'free space' where the partition was? Recreate it and name it the same, give it the same mount point. Reboot.

If this doesn't work we can dig deeper. Was it data partition only, anything on it? If there was, naturally, it is gone now.

This is rather odd as to 'accidentally' delete the partition it would need to be unmounted. As your fstab file is now looking for that partition and giving you that error message it appears it was originally mounting it at boot so for it to be unmounted you would need to have done that manually.

Could you perhaps give us the name of the partition that is coming up in the error and post your fstab file? Please open a terminal and paste this:

nano /etc/fstabThat will open the file. Copy and paste back here, please.

PS: The error doesn't appear to be Ubuntu's so wouldn't be too disappointed; you deleted a partition and Ubuntu seems to be dutifully attempting to locate it and mount it at boot. It doesn't automatically know it's not there; you need to manually tweak fstab file. That is why I was wondering if you could trick it by recreating the partition exactly as it was. This probably won't work, though, I realise as the UUID number of the partition will change from what it was previously I think. ;)

September 12th, 2012, 03:34 PM
Sorry I got a long time reply.

Yes sir, Gparted says there that it has a 'free space' and in that case I started that problem.

Also it appeared this error like this when I am about to load Ubuntu

failed to load session 'ubuntu'