View Full Version : [lubuntu] problems downloading???

August 14th, 2012, 03:55 AM
Not sure who to address this to, so I'm plopping it down here
From the torrent.ubuntu.com webpage I have downloaded Lubuntu 12.04 alternate and Lubuntu 11.10 alternate.
When I run checksum on the 11.10, it returns

6b2ef531916da95982eb9b9de9dcb19e, but the download page sez

For 12.04, my checksum returns

a1685837ad50845b6685086fc4743c83, but the download page sez

Neither will install, and return multiple "missing stuff" messages.

The 12,04 version I downloaded three times, and it wasn't until after the second burned disc wouldn't load that I got suspicious and checksummed.

I'm really kind of stuck with this, because I need a computer for MegaSquirt tuning, which means MegaTunix, which means preferably an Ubuntu OS. And I'm pretty sure I need at least 11.10, because that comes with the driver I need for the wifi dongle I have, and the computer I'll be using doesn't have a network socket, just a phone jack. :o

Yeah, thinkpad 600x. Perfect size, really durable, and it's in my "outdated, but worked last time I looked" box.

So, where do I get a working copy of Lubuntu, preferably torrent, because I live where internet service is somewhat unreliable, so torrents are almost required to actually get a complete download of this size.

August 14th, 2012, 04:52 AM
You may need to just do a direct download. If the torrent has downloaded an incomplete file over and over again then as fast as bittorrent may be, it is not working in this instance. The only other alternative is to try the torrent download again and again until it works, because you should be downloading different parts from different peers every time.
If you are using the same torrent file every time, the torrent file itself may be corrupted. Try deleting your current file and downloading it again, then downloading the full torrent.